Blogger Or Wordpress: Which One Will Work Better For You?

Tabloids and blogger sites are filled with pictures of our favorite celebrities. Especially, rock stars. But they're not all pictures of these people performing, they're pictures of what they're wearing, what bag they're carrying, what restaurant they're eating at. Rockstars cultivate an image that appeals to their fan base. Yes, they are real people, but they make image choices very carefully to attract the fan base that they want.

But I wasn't satisfied with that list; I wanted to hear something else, see what the average internet user thought. I wound up bumping into a review by a blogger named Best Canuck right here on associated content. I was impressed the guy was hitting on fifty movies instead of the usual ten or twenty. I could relate to the review; he was really talking to you, not at you.

Where to get the content to update your blogs. You can either write your own articles / high pr blog posting sites list posts or find articles on article directories and use them directly. You should use those recently added articles because your blog will most likely to be indexed as 'unique and fresh'. If you are using articles that are like a few months old, chances are others have already used the same articles, and your blog will be labeled as 'duplicate'. You will not be penalised by Google, but nothing really beats being 'unique' from the start. Or if you are good at writing, then write your own blog posts. Another way would be to invite blog guests to write on your blog. If you were invited to do so, feel free to include a link back to your own blog.

However, when using your blog for making an income, I highly suggest using WordPress. The domain name looks much more professional and you don't want your blog shut down for some dumb reason when it's making you good money.

The term has been derived from the way that these pages are linked together. Each page will link to the next page in line until you have made a complete circle using all of the pages. In addition to linking to the next page in line, each page also links to your target page or site, the main one you are trying to promote.

So, is it worth it for a fresh blog, maybe even a brand new one, to look for guest posting opportunities from A-Article Submission website list bloggers? It certainly seems like a dream come true, but as I've talked about before on The Traffic Blogger, guest posting is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. That being said, A-List bloggers are no different from you in regards to rejecting bad guest posts. So is it even worth attempting to get their attention long enough for them to read your guest post and then by some miracle expect them to publish it?

Go back to your blogger account. There will be a template tab there so click on that. Look around on this page and you will see a link for ad-sense to click. Follow the instructions there for starting up your ad-sense account and when you are done click on that save button. The following page will have a button to republish, so click on that now. Now when you take a look at your live website you will see the Google ad-sense on every page. Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on one of the Google ads you will earn some ad-sense revenue. So now you have an online business that can make you money which took about 20 minutes to set up.

I have furthermore seen that WordPress tends to appear better on Google. I've had dozens more info of posts show up on the front page of Google, when blog post site list are nowhere to be noticed.

Think about rockstars like Kylie Minogue. She glams herself up, dresses like a party diva to attract those into the club scene. Gwen Stefani is always dressed perfectly but with her own unique flare (because she knows that's what her fan base is into). Imagine that every time you're leaving your house you're going to be photographed like these people. What difference would that make in the way you present yourself?

If you are not comfortable in creating a link wheel yourself by consuming countless number of hours, you may consider hiring professional link wheeler who will make effective link wheel for you. Perhaps the most important part of this entire article for you is the bottom.

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